«СUSTOMBROK»                                                                                               Сustoms brokerage services in Korosten, Sarny, Schors, N.-Volynskiy

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                      Customs clearance oil
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                 Customs Brokerage Services
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LLC "Custombrok" - customs broker, the main focus of which is to provide services for customs clearance of petroleum products (diesel, petrol, kerosene, bitumen, fuel oil). Our company has extensive experience and is the daily work of customs clearance of the largest importers of petroleum products, which allows us to perfectly oriented all legislation changes and updates to the various customs fraud.

LLC "Custombrok" custom clearing all types of petroleum products (diesel, petrol, kerosene, bitumen, fuel oil).

Likewise LLC "Custombrok" provides full service transportation services our customers cargo by rail to the station Korosten, namely:

  • services receive goods
  • freight forwarding services,
  • services of sending goods
  • decorating services w / a bill,
  • services taking samples and specimens
  • other services.
LLC "Custombrok" is your reliable partner who is always responsible for the result of their work.