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Customs clearance - customs formalities necessary for the release of goods, means of transport for commercial use.

Depending on which mode is selected customs, customs broker determines the optimal circuit design, calculation of customs duties, etc. If properly select cargo passage through customs, you can significantly reduce your costs. Professional approach to this issue can only customs broker. For its services are accessed most companies after elementary calculations convinced of the benefits of such cooperation.


Import. Documents required for customs clearance

1) Invoice and Invoice translation - 2. (certified translator number diplomas);

2) The certificate of origin to the certificate - 2. (certified translator number diplomas);

3) Contract;

4) Additions to the contract;

5) The export declaration;

6) To confirm the customs value obtained from the sender:

a) The calculation of the goods;

b) the price lists of goods (original) + translation.

7) Information on transportation costs;

8) The agreement between the freight forwarder and carrier;

9) The CMR printing:

- Sanitorno-hygienic control: import (implementation) is allowed;

- Radiological control;

- Environmental Control;

10) accreditation card;

11) Information on the declaration of currency values.


Export. Documents required for customs clearance

1) Proof of product price (purchase invoices, costing in the free form);

2) The original invoice;

3) The certificate of origin (ST-1, if produced in Ukraine);

4) Contract;

5) Annex to the contract;

6) Registration Card;

7) Information on the declaration of currency values;

8) catalog, price;

9) The TIR Carnet;

10) Bill of Lading CMR;

11) Passport of the driver;

12) Certificate for international transport;

13) of the vehicle registration;

14) Data on the carrier company (name, address, EDRPOU etc.).